About moi…

I’m an overly obsessed knitter who collects yarn without blinking. I have an addiction and I’m ok with it! Are you? I live in the Midwest but my heart is at home in Brooklyn, NY. Besides knitting, I love to make cards and I’m slowly but surely learning how to sew. Want to know more? Contact me and maybe I’ll fill you in 😉



  1. Auntie Phyl said,

    Hi Tima,

    Love the website. This is a great way to journal. Thanks for posting a pix of my new project. Looks good from where I sit. When I run out of yarn, I hope I can remember how to cast off, otherwise, it’ll sit — right there — on them there — two needles — til I see you again! LOL

    Auntie Phyl

  2. Linda said,

    Hey cuzo!!!

    Your web page looks great!!! I didn’t relaize how much you knit until I seen all your projects and the final result of each project. Keep up the good work!!! Maybe you should open up a store one day and I can be your accountant!! LOL

    Talk to you later,


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