January 25, 2008

Pass it on

Posted in General at 9:47 pm by royalempress

Ever since I considered myself an intermediate knitter (someone please tell me what the qualifications are so I can confirm I am), I decided that I need to pass on the gift of knitting. My goal is to teach any and everyone I meet that is genuinely interested. At first, I use to get slight annoyed when I spent my time and energy teaching someone and they never bothered to pick up the needles and yarn after the first lesson. Then I realized, I was the same way when I was first taught. I wasn’t ready until 8 years later.

Everyone will do things when they’re ready. I hope that all the people I have taught, even if it was just the knit stitch, will eventually pick up the sticks and go for it just because they remembered what I said and it all clicks. If they don’t, I’m ok with that too. I have come to the realization that knitting is truly not for everyone. I still believe everyone should respect it even if they can’t do it.

[Edit] Here’s my info for Swap Swap Gals

Wish List: Amazon

Hobbies? Knitting of course! But you already knew that 🙂 I also like to make greeting cards.
Crafts? See above answer.
Favorite Colors? Purples, Blues, Pewter (weird huh) and black.
Favorite Animal? Cats and puppies although I don’t have any at the moment. *sob*
All Dislikes? Itchy fabric, nosy people, foul odours.
Favorite Candies? Milk chocolates, taffy and gummy stuff (bears, worms, Sour Patch, etc).
Favorite Smell Goods? Fixated on fig and currant at the moment. Tuberose is growing on me 🙂
Other things you may like or may not like? I think I said it all above.

I’m looking forward to swapping. There’s nothing like getting goodies in the mail. Woo hooo!