January 15, 2008

I hear voices

Posted in General at 10:43 pm by royalempress

Lately I would look at yarn and see full garments. I remember when I looked at a ball or skein and think “that would make a cute hat or scarf…”. Not anymore. Now I always envision full garments like a sweater, a vest or even a dress. Does this mean I have graduated from a beginner’s way of thinking to an intermediate student who’s not afraid to be challenged? Seriously. The yarn speaks to me. Especially if it’s the good and luscious stuff. The kind of yarn you can’t stop touching or admiring or dream about being wrapped in or…..you know what I mean.

I opened my yarn closet doors and thought the first thing that catches my eye will be my next project for myself. This is the one that screamed out “KNIT ME!”:

The red just popped out from behind all the other muted colours. So I grabbed it and started knitting at 1am. It’s nice and chunky so hopefully I’ll be done soon. I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Until then….keep your ears and minds open 😉