December 4, 2007

Still knitting for Christmas

Posted in General at 10:27 pm by royalempress

Meet my next gift; My So Called Scarf.

Thanks to the wonderful Malabrigo yarn (colors Stone Chast and Autumn), she’s lookin’ good!



  1. Zuleika said,

    That stitch looks nice and cozy. I love that colorway! 🙂

  2. anna said,

    my, you have been busy! that’s a gorgeous scarf!

  3. sheila said,

    Agree that the stitches is beautiful and the colorway is gorgeous.

  4. Lesalicious said,

    Love the scarf really is autumn colors.:) cute:)

  5. Jen Minnis said,

    Lovely! i’ve been wanting to make one of those… just need time and some cold weather to wear it in, lol.

    Tag! your it! i tagged you over here…

  6. Nik said,


    do you know that i just bought malabrigo last week so that I can make this scarf? I’m going to get started on it one day soon. Like when I finish Snookums’ hat.

  7. Christy said,

    That really is pretty. I keep thinking I need to make that pattern….
    Which yarn could I use? Hmmm…

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