October 1, 2007

Hi, My name is Royal…

Posted in General at 12:48 am by royalempress

and I’m an addict.

For the SP11 contest, we were asked to display our stash. I like to call it my organized confusion or the fiber closet. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry or to be ashamed or proud of my collection. I justify it by thinking “I actually use the yarn to knit so it’s not so bad, right?”

My second [sage] Ballband “Warshcloth” from Mason Dixon modeling with flowers from my garden

I knew I had a problem when I graduated from storage containers to shelves in a closet but I was still in denial. I try so hard but I can’t stop adding to it. I love all the vibrant colours and textures but my word. Will I really knit it all? I have enough to last me quite a few years. Look at it! It’s overflowing!

Note my recent obsession with sugar/peaches n cream nicely stored in a former blanket bag.

Here’s the story about how this collection came to be:

Me: Have you seen the new colors by Peaches n Cream?
Beginner Knitter Co-worker: No. Which color is it? Did you see it at Walmart?
Me: It’s called Morning Glory. It’s on Ebay [link inserted].
BKCW: I like that one!
Me: I can’t find it in stores and it’s only $1.50 on the Elmore site [link inserterd].
BKCW: They have a lot of colors I like for the bibs and warshcloths (from Mason Dixon). I’m writing a list.
Me: We can put our order together to save on shipping.
BKCW: Ok. I’ll give you the money for it tomorrow.
Me: No problem. I think our order will be out of control 🙂 This is going to be fun!
BKCW: Like you need more yarn. lol….neeeeeddd morrreeee sellllffff controllll!!!! I’m weakeninggggg!

Needless to say, we ended up ordering about 30 balls of Peaches n Cream to join the current stash of 25 per person we already have. You like how I showed BKCW the seductive ways of yarn by adding links of the vibrant colors into our im at work. Come on. I can’t be an addict alone! What did you say? I need help? Yeah..I’ve been trying to tell y’all that lol!

I have to make the time to post pics of what I want to sell on Destash *sigh*. Although I don’t want to part with most of them, I know I have to. Maybe sometime this week I can start my yarn diet. It will be hard, but I know I can do it *praying*.



  1. nasheikah said,

    hey there ! what’s good ? love the stash …. how has life been treating you ?

    hope all is good … stop by some time !!

  2. k* said,

    i seriously think you should look into organ transplants and have a couple extra arms attached so that you can start making some headway with that stash!

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