August 7, 2007

Counting my blessings

Posted in General at 11:09 am by royalempress

I was in a 4 car accident yesterday. My first accident since I’ve been driving. It was a mess but everyone is ok. The after shock is worse since I’m now feeling the pain in my left shoulder. Situations like these make me wonder why people do not believe in a higher being. Was it purely dumb luck that I hydroplaned, slammed into a guard rail, then into another car, spun out and I’m ok? I doubt it.

I’m glad to be here and able to write this post. Hopefully I will be able to avoid the many inevitable situations that will come my way in the future.

They say cats have 9 lives and it’s possible people do too. For now, I’ll count on my angels to continue to guard me and keep me safe.

You should count your blessings too.

Thank you Nik for checking on me. It’s nice to know that people care *hugs*.



  1. Patrice said,

    Oh Wow! You are truly blessed!

  2. k*m said,

    happy you’re ok!

  3. Allegra said,

    Glad you are okay!

  4. Kamika said,

    Blessed. Happy to see you’re okay!

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