July 18, 2007

All wrapped up

Posted in General at 10:04 pm by royalempress

I find myself getting into projects that I know will be time consuming. I like instant gratification, but I have come to the reality that somethings you can’t rush. Like my yard. It seems like it took forever to get it looking just the way I want it. We still have more work to do, but we’re getting there. We’ll probably purchase a bench to add to the decor. It was looking a little plain with just river rocks and a few boulders. Our spray of roses are blooming nicely. The annuals are hanging in there. I think I planted them too late. I know better next year. I’ll be sure to include pictures in my next post. I’m sure I will officially be a proud gardener by then.

As for my wips, the Airy Wrap is coming along nicely (click on thumbnails for a larger view).

I’m working on the sleeves now. The cables in the back are a nice touch. I really don’t want to cover them up with the wrap pieces. I may have to make a few alterations. Hopefully I’ll have this knocked out by next week so I can start another project.

I will be working on Christmas gifts as of next month. Since it will take me forever and a day to complete them, I might as well get a head start!! Most of them will be fairly small so I should be able to get a lot of them done by then. Wish me luck!

Speaking of gifts and all wrapped up 😉 …look at what goodies came my way the other day

Great choice on the green yarn and the silk…mmmm yummy! The stickers will come in handy for my cards. Thank you so much!! There’s nothing like coming home to a package filled with goodies!!

Well, it’s hot as sin here and I have to get ready for work tomorrow. Oh the joys of summer. 90 degree weather, sweat and frizzy hair. What could be better?

Stay cool (literally)!



  1. sheila said,

    Yards take some time to get to perfection.. can’t wait to see finished project.

    I’m sure your Airy Wrap is looking great… but your pic is showing up. Omg… your talking about x-mas already…lol

  2. Nik said,

    Girl, thanks for the comments about Jenora. I came over here to see if you’d posted anything about the accident you mentioned. I hope you’re ok.

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