June 24, 2007

So much to say…

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Life is time consuming (I’m sure that makes sense to one of you). Lately, it seems like so much has happened but yet not much has happened at all. For example, I’ve been working on the Airy Wrap from Fitted Knits. I breezed through the beginning and then I came to the section that requires cabling. That isn’t a problem. However, the pattern is driving me nuts!!! I checked the knitalong site, which is informative, but it didn’t help me solve the problem. I get to the “cable set up row” for the back. I have 70 sts but the count for the instruction of this particular row only adds up to 34sts. Am I that slow that I can’t get 34 stitches to transform into 70 somehow. No one on the site mentioned having this problem so it must be me. I’m going to join and ask for help. Wish me luck! In the meantime, I’m going to work on crocheting a clutch for my SP and also a baby rattle for a friend in NYC. Besides that, a lot has been going on family wise. Some days I wish I could do more. Is it strange to want super powers so you can really help others? I know, I’m weird.

Speaking of NYC…
I was there for a week last week. Boy, am I home sick! I had waaaaaay too much fun and my bank account can testify to that it. I stopped by Seaport Yarns and found the most beautiful and extremley soft alpaca my skin has ever touched! It’s called Prime Alpaca. I bought a hank which is 660yds of pure bliss! I probably freaked the workers out since I was groping the hell out if it. It is definitely a fiber to snuggle up against. Like every other compulsive yarn buyer (aka “collector”), I need help. There were so many great buys! How could I not? If this question sounds like something you would say, then you need help too πŸ˜‰

I also picked up a few things for my fellow crafty friends. Some of the finest handmade paper can be found at Pearl Paint so you know I got a little happy with the spending. I’m sure it will all be worth it after making my special handmade cards πŸ™‚

Visiting my friend Kay* at the Rengade Craft Fair was definitely one of the highlights of my trip. It was a beautiful thing to see the works of fellow crafters. It was my first time there and I couldn’t help but to think “Why the hell didn’t I know about this before? Why didn’t I rent a booth here?” It’s not too late. It is sad to know that it will be K’s last year there. I kinda lost inspiration after hearing that *sob*. Oh well. Maybe next time.

There’s something about candid shots that I love. Here are a few from my visit home [N*Y*C]:

K* doing what she does best [txtng]

My cousin looking “special” and her friend saying “No pictures PLEASE!

I kinda posed for this one. There’s something about a beer guzzling, donut eating cartoon doof that I find entertaining.

A shot of a building in Manhattan. I like the crowned lion’s head. Too bad I didn’t think of the design first!

In other news:I received a package today from my SP10. Check it out:

I love the mag! I’m pretty sure I’ll be knitting the sweater on the cover. It came with the cutest project bag too!

It has the cutest little winded balls of yarn and it reads “Simply Knitting” on it. I love it! I have to say, the knitted bag outdid the mag and the project bag. You know I loooooooooove purple! Thank you SP! You’re the coolest πŸ˜‰

I leave you now with a few useful online sites that may help you on your craft journey.
Counterpane Pattern
Temari Instructions
Boogie Knits Free Patterns For the sock lover in you.
Stripe Generator Every knitter should have one!
Yarn Mag An Aussie mag/e-zine that I frequent.




  1. Sheila said,

    Glad you had a nice time in New York. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Seaport Yarn and keep telling myself… its only a 7 block walk from the job… stop being lazy. Cool gifts from your SP.

  2. Kamika said,

    I didn’t see your call for help on the Fitted Knits KAL. Hopefully I can help. I apologize if you already got the answer. I don’t mean to oversimplify. The breakdown is:

    @ the Cable Set-up Row:
    P3 = 3 stitches
    Work Chart A (6 stitches) + p2 = 8 stitches x 4 = 32 total stitches
    Work Chart B (6 stitches) + p2 = 8 stitches x 4 = 32 totals stitches
    P3 = 3 stitches
    3+32+32+3 = 70 total stiches.

    For your size it should work out to be 8 cables for this section. Can’t confirm because I haven’t started this one yet.

    I Hope That Helps!

  3. Elspeth said,

    I’m going to NYC in 2 weeks so I’ll have to check out Seaport too! I didn’t get to go to an NYC yarn store last year, but I must have been to every one in the state of Maryland (and some in VA too!).

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