May 7, 2007

The witty knitter

Posted in General, Needlework at 8:23 pm by royalempress

One day I was minding my own business when a fellow employee walked up to me in the lunch room and sarcasticly said, “You look like an old lady sitting there knitting away….” At first, I wasn’t sure how to react. My first thoughts were to:

A) Calmly and wittingly say, “Knitting isn’t just for grandmas anymore” and continue knitting.
B) Give him a blank stare then suddenly stick him with a knitting needle.
C) Take it as a compliment since the generations before us have paved the way.

I opted for B without stabbing him since I knew the security office was around the corner. After a 5 second blank stare, I replied, “I see wisdom doesn’t come with age for everyone” and walked away. Normally, knitting keeps me calm and poised. That day, I wasn’t in the mood to be played with or made fun of. I guess it could have been worse if I opted for B in its entirety. Lucky him. What can I say, it was one of those days.

On a brighter note:

Thank you SP for the wonderful gifts. I have so much purple yarn now that I’m considering making a patchwork (knit) blanket πŸ™‚ It will be so soft and cudlly. I can’t wait!



  1. Nik said,

    I often get the “granny” remark. But when they see the beautiful, stylish things that I make, they tend to shut the hell up. Even have the nerve to ask me to knit them things sometimes.

  2. nik said,

    Oh, and another reader guessed my name before you did. However, since we were talking about starting up our book trading again, I want to send you my copy of the book when I’m done with it. So you kinda win anyway *lol*

    I also have the first book in Debbie Macomber’s Knit Lit books, if you’re interested. It’s called “The Shop on Blossom Street”. I can send you that one now-if you’re interested-then send you the other one when I’m done. Let me know via e-mail, and I will send it out tomorrow.

  3. hobbyzu said,

    Funny! You should have jabbed him with the needle and ran! (kiddin) πŸ™‚ People are so silly sometimes.

  4. Monique said,

    I just found your blog today and I think it’s a lovely blog!

    I’m going to visit more.
    Have a lovely day.

  5. Monique said,

    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog.
    Here is the link to the online sock knitting video :

  6. Shannon said,

    lol i prefer choice B too!

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