April 18, 2007

29 and counting

Posted in General at 8:17 pm by royalempress

Yesterday made 29 years that I have existed on this earth.

That doesn’t look like the same person. Does it?? Anywho….

Big balloons, a huge cake, flowers, cards, plants, candy, and even a gift card for a craft store made me feel truly appreciated by my co-workers/friends and family. I held back the tears and managed to say “thank you sooo much” with out boo hooing. I’m proud of myself lol!

I give special thanks to HIM for surrounding me with love and bringing me this far. I especially thank him for her.

She has given my life meaning and worth. Although she is not my maternal child, I care for her, love her and look after her as my own. I look forward to being here for her 29th birthday πŸ™‚

I also pray I have many more happy and prosperous years of knitting πŸ˜€

Crafting will commence after the celebration (yes I’m celebrating all week since that’s what grown folks do *wink*).




  1. k*m said,

    happy bday! you were such an ADORABLE BABY!!! (you’re still adorable, baby!) gosh, i hope to have lil round babies as cute as you and your “new littleone”.

  2. Sheila said,

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  3. stephanie said,

    happy birtheday fatima! mine is tomorrow, didn’t know you were an april baby too!!! you always take good self portraits! take care!!

  4. kyle said,

    happy belated. may you have many more..

  5. nashe said,

    i’m sooo late .. happy b-day girl and you are still a bomb blogger . just cause you have a life doesn’t change that..I just sat in front of the PC and said ” where da hell is Empress?” i dyou … girl please , you still a hot knit blogging, celeb chick ,! whatcha talking but ?


    just started my new blog .. come say hey !

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