March 23, 2007

The Heat Is On

Posted in Needlework at 10:52 pm by royalempress

Warmer weather means revealing a little skin. Experienceing 70 + degree weather for the past few days has tempted me to knit/crochet springy garments (yes, I said “springy”).

I designed these saucy little numbers quite some time ago and never wrote a pattern for it. What was I thinking? I think I’ll have to design another one and write a pattern as I go this time. Reading about all the great knitters that have ventured out into the world of writing patterns makes me want to be adventurous too. Hopefully when things slow down after my trip to Europe, I can pump out a pattern or two.

 Speaking of a great knitter….

I read Wendy’s blog today and she made a very important point that I couldn’t have said better myself. I use to wonder if I should bother to blog anymore since it seems like not very many people are reading it. What’s the point? I use to spend quite a bit of time and effort on blogging but now, I don’t bother as much. In my mind, if no one is commenting, then no one is reading it. I know people have lives to tend to as do I, but I wonder how some of the other bloggers have so many comments. I guess the reality of it is, I’m just that boring. Sad little Empress *sigh*. I have to admit, I use to make it a point to blog for the pleasure of others. Now, I blog when I want, how I want and without stress. It’s not a daily chore for me since I have much more important things in my life to do like work, spend time with family and of course knit (eating and sleeping in between). Blogging will not over power me nor will comments be my sole purpose for blogging. If comments are left, they are greatly appreciated. If not, life goes on. Anywho….

Sorry I have to post and run but I have a good Indian movie (Lage Roho Munna Bhai) to watch that my husband said was highly rated. I love foreign movies so any suggestions you have, pass them on 🙂




  1. stephanie said,

    hey girlie,

    i stop by your blog, i don’t post many comments, but i feel ya!

    i remember those tops. hope you get around to the pattern! cause i love the 1st top!

  2. Sheng said,

    That second one is hot!

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