December 3, 2006

Spread the word YARN 4 SALE

Posted in Needlework at 10:38 pm by royalempress

Yes, fellow knitters and crocheters, the time has come. I am starting to liquidate my stash and I wanted to give you all first dibs so here goes.

Sugar n Cream

Colors: (left to right) Soft Teal, Sage Green, Jute

Yardage: 120 yds

Price= $4.50 (does not include shipping)

Sugar n Cream 

Colors: (left to right) Hot Pink, Hot Orange, Hot Green

Yardage: Small 120 yds, Large 240 yds

Price: $5 (not including shipping)

Paton’s Grace (7 balls)

Colors= Taupe (brown) an Champagne (light brown)

Yardage= 136 yds each

Price= $10 (not including shipping)

Lion Brand Incredible (7 balls/ one knitted but I can rewind it)

Color= City Lights

Yardage= 110 yds

Price= $10 (not including shipping)

SOLD! Classic Elite Imagine (6 skeins)

Color= 9202 Lot= 38603

Yardage= 93 yds each

Price= $18 (not including shipping)

King Tut (7 skeins)

Colors= (left to right) Purple (2100), Pink (1086), Light Green (1043)

Yardage= 182 each

Price= $30 (not including shipping)

If you send me your zip code, I can tell you what the shipping will cost.

I’m still in the process of going through my stash. I will update the site again next week. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at empressatgmaildotcom.



  1. Shawn said,

    Wow girl!!! I must say, I’m very impressed!!! I really need to hit you up on those knitting classes! :o) I’d hate to buy scarves for a ridiculous $20 when I could make one myself! And in the colors I want! :o) That will probably be the extent of my skills. If I ever set a date with you for lessons. Awesome blog BTW.

  2. k*m said,

    can i call dibs on the classic elite? you know i love variegated pink colorways….

  3. empress said,

    You got it Kim!

  4. Michelle said,

    Great site. If it’s still available, I’d like to have the Paton’s grace and ribbon.

    happy new year,
    zip: 94582

  5. Vanessa said,

    hey i was wondering if Grace was sold off yet. I would love to purchase it if not!

  6. Anne said,


    I am interested in the Lion Brand Incredible (7 balls), Color= City Lights. Just need to verify – the price ($10) is the total for all the balls, correct?

    Thank you,

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