December 8, 2006


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I was starting to wonder when Knitty was going to post their winter edition. I’ve already decided to make this as an after Christmas gift

I loooove the colorway but that’s the magic of Noro.

Ok, gotta run. I’m going to see Blood Diamond with the hubby.

Don’t forget, YARN 4 SALE below 🙂

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December 3, 2006

Spread the word YARN 4 SALE

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Yes, fellow knitters and crocheters, the time has come. I am starting to liquidate my stash and I wanted to give you all first dibs so here goes.

Sugar n Cream

Colors: (left to right) Soft Teal, Sage Green, Jute

Yardage: 120 yds

Price= $4.50 (does not include shipping)

Sugar n Cream 

Colors: (left to right) Hot Pink, Hot Orange, Hot Green

Yardage: Small 120 yds, Large 240 yds

Price: $5 (not including shipping)

Paton’s Grace (7 balls)

Colors= Taupe (brown) an Champagne (light brown)

Yardage= 136 yds each

Price= $10 (not including shipping)

Lion Brand Incredible (7 balls/ one knitted but I can rewind it)

Color= City Lights

Yardage= 110 yds

Price= $10 (not including shipping)

SOLD! Classic Elite Imagine (6 skeins)

Color= 9202 Lot= 38603

Yardage= 93 yds each

Price= $18 (not including shipping)

King Tut (7 skeins)

Colors= (left to right) Purple (2100), Pink (1086), Light Green (1043)

Yardage= 182 each

Price= $30 (not including shipping)

If you send me your zip code, I can tell you what the shipping will cost.

I’m still in the process of going through my stash. I will update the site again next week. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at empressatgmaildotcom.