November 9, 2006

The Snob

Posted in Needlework at 12:31 am by royalempress

It has been brought to my attention that I am a snob. It first started with a simple question to a co-worker about a rap song. I told him I was inquiring about the song’s lyrics for my cousin. I made it known that I had no idea what the answer was since I don’t listen to that type of “rap” music. I prefer the old school stuff.

He called me a music snob.

The next time I was told I was a snob is when I told a friend that I don’t like tap water from anywhere. “It has a particular taste. Unpure.”

She called me a water snob. I didn’t know there was such a thing.

The third time was when I told a lady in a yarn shop that I would much rather knit with natural fibers since acrylic sometimes gives me the “hebee gebees”.

She replied, “You must be one of those yarn snobs….” I agreed.

If it means that I like the finer things in life, then so be it. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has “preferences”. If that’s the case, we are all snobs in our own right. So let it be known that I’m a snob of sorts and I’m damn proud!!!!

Aren’t you?



  1. Sherri said,

    Yep, and Darn Proud!

  2. Secret Pal 9 said,

    Nothing wrong with being a snob! You just know what you like and don’t want to waste your life on the inferior products/things.

    Saying hi from your secret pal 9 buddy.

  3. kathy said,

    okay, tap water does have a taste.
    i don’t like acrylic yarns either, although i have purchased them, especially for people who won’t take care of the items i have made the way they are intended to be taken care of (i.e. they will throw them in the washer)
    i don’t like hardcore rap and prefer the old stuff
    if that makes you a snob, then so am i and a lot of people i know.
    but i prefer to call it just having really good taste 😉

  4. Sheng said,

    Love the photo hun 🙂

  5. Linda said,

    I’m a snobby little military BRAT!!! LOL

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