November 26, 2006

Fear Not

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Notice the fashionable bag made my by SP8. It’s perfect for small projects!

For the longest time I have admired the intricate designs that cable patterns produce. I remember glancing through a European knitting magazine years ago and spotting the biggest cable I have ever seen to this day. I was immediately intimidated since it looked so involved. I have to admit, I’m spoiled. There’s nothing like watching television or reading a periodical while working on a “brainless” project. Looking at cables made me think, and there are times when I’d rather not think so hard. Knitting then becomes complicated and it is no longer fun.The new year’s resolutions I made earlier this year reminded me that I have to try my best to be open minded if I’m going to master the art of knitting. Therefore, I broke down, grabbed 2 balls of Karoake, needles, a simple pattern for a simple cable scarf, and started conquering one of my fears.

My aunt, who was in awe, asked me to show her how to cable. She is one of those “former knitters” so I had to bring her up to speed 😉 Now she can’t seem to get enough of it. She stayed up until 3am casting off, ripping, cabling, ripping, knitting, purling and VOILA….

I’m so proud of her. Now I know where I get my perfectionism from.

My next mission is to master the art of fair isle.

Heaven help me.


Special thanks to my aunt Phyll for leaving a wonderful comment. I like it so much that I had to add it to this post to share with all of you.

on 02 Dec 2006 at 12:43 pm   Auntie Phyl

Alrighty then! Thanks for the vote of confidence Missy Tima. . . First, let me tell all of you wonderful knitters out there that I am in no way a professed knitter. My last attempt to knit a fine article dates back to 1973 (I was 16) when I was tasked to make a baby afghan for my Mother’s friend. At that time I was a crochet maniac and I could whip up just about anything. I wasn’t afraid to try new stitches, experiment with yarn colors and although I admit most of my yarn finds were purchased at the local Woolworth’s, my finished crocheted projects somehow looked beautiful. Me? Knit? With TWO needles? Nope! Totally freaked me out. The afghan was simple. I used varigated baby pastels, purled on one side, knitted on the other. The perfectionist in me caused me to constantly rip it out until every stitch was absolutely perfect on both sides. It curled alot, so I crocheted a beautiful shell stitch around its borders to help the finished afghan lay flat. My Mom’s friend oohed and ahhed it but I never gained confidence to knit again after that. Too much work I thought.
Now Tima can knit. She knits with a mad fury, never without a project in hand, pumping out all kinds of neat treats for the eye and the touch. She knows her fibres!
The night before Thanksgiving, I was intrigued watching her twist the yarn into a knitted cable stitch and by her use of that magic third midget “stick.” In one evening Tima taught me the basics of knitting (yeah, I WAS one of the dreaded cross-over stitchers). She sat next to me knitting away whilst peeking through the corner of her eye at my hands and my yarn. She knew exactly what I did wrong and showed me the correct way. I challenged her to teach me the cable stitch. Truly learned the correct way after all these years and it felt wonderful. Tima was patient and pleasant. (Knitting must take our minds to nice places when we have to concentrate. :>})
Four hours later of ripping out and starting over (practice makes perfect!), I grasped the concept. I was on my way to k2, p2, C6F, p2, CB6, p2, k2. By George, I think I’ve got it!
So the sample you see on the screen is my very, first ever decorative knitted stitch. Tada! Doesn’t amount to a scarf yet, but maybe if I fold it in half, it’ll make a nifty pouch. All thanks and love to my precious Tima.
P.S. I’ve since invested in one of those cute Katcha, Katcha thingies.
Happy Knitting Everyone!





November 9, 2006

The Snob

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It has been brought to my attention that I am a snob. It first started with a simple question to a co-worker about a rap song. I told him I was inquiring about the song’s lyrics for my cousin. I made it known that I had no idea what the answer was since I don’t listen to that type of “rap” music. I prefer the old school stuff.

He called me a music snob.

The next time I was told I was a snob is when I told a friend that I don’t like tap water from anywhere. “It has a particular taste. Unpure.”

She called me a water snob. I didn’t know there was such a thing.

The third time was when I told a lady in a yarn shop that I would much rather knit with natural fibers since acrylic sometimes gives me the “hebee gebees”.

She replied, “You must be one of those yarn snobs….” I agreed.

If it means that I like the finer things in life, then so be it. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has “preferences”. If that’s the case, we are all snobs in our own right. So let it be known that I’m a snob of sorts and I’m damn proud!!!!

Aren’t you?