October 28, 2006

Jumping for joy!

Posted in Needlework at 1:21 am by royalempress

I was toooo thrilled to come home to a box filled with things that made a bad day turn into a most excellent, magnificent, sunshiny bright day! My SP9 was gracious enough to bless me with more goodies than I ever expected. 

I was just thinking I could use a knitting journal. I need to keep track of all the goodies I’m making. I especially like the E. Zimmerman book, The Opinionated Knitter. She was truly a brilliant knitter. I can’t wait to start the Tomten jacket. I think I got excited since BrooklynTweed mentioned how “bad ass” the child model looks in the jacket. I can seey my little one posing and showing how “bad” she can be. And the Addi’s are a god send! However, there’s no comparison to the speed of Addis!I’ve been knitting w/ Susan Bates and have no complaints so far. BUT WAIT….check out the socks she made for me *cheese grin*

Can you tell my feet were a little vain? Thank you soooooooo much SP9!!!!

On a side note….I just had to share this funny pic with you.

Today we had a contest for the best costume at work. My friend Steph and I decided to go for something a bit scandalous. She’s a pregnant nun whose guardian angel is SHOCKED lol! I thought it was very unique. I hope we win a paid day off so we can repent!

*Keeping fingers crossed (no pun intended 🙂 )*



  1. Sheng said,

    Does comments work on here? TEsting…

  2. Secret Pal said,

    I love your costumes and the picture is priceless. You should enter it in a contest.

  3. Allegra said,

    For some reason I haven’t been getting any of your blog updates! I think it’s working now, thank goodness! What a GREAT package from your SP9!!! Lucky you! Everything you’ve been working on looks great!

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