October 23, 2006

In action

Posted in Needlework at 7:50 pm by royalempress

Hot Lava is looking good so far. I have to say, the sleeve is very long but that is ok. I have decided to add some kind of very fancy ribbon at the cuffs and possibly around the neckline. I’ll tie the ribbon and turn back the cuff as seen in the pic above. I’m sure it’ll look fab either way.

So far, there are 3 other w.i.ps in progress. With all that’s going on, I’m starting to feel like the baby sweater will be complete by the time the baby is 10. Sheesh! Nonetheless, I keep on keepin’ on and eventually, I will churn out all the things I have set out to do by the end of the year…hopefully. 

In other news….

I have to say I am very proud of my knitting group (Hooks & Needles). We are working on making scarves for those who are in need of items to keep warm this winter. You can read an article about us HERE. I am proud to be part of such a giving, caring and knowledgable group. I look forward to leaving my stressful work day behind to sit and knit with these lovely ladies 🙂

Anywhoo….many thanks to my hunny for updating my site. Lookin’ good!



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