October 3, 2006

Hot Pink Ruby

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Introducing [Hot Pink]


She is made from a very inexpensive Walmart brand yarn called “NoBo” (No Boundaries) in hot pink. She’s much hotter in person; the pictures don’t do justice to the color (talking to mom on the cell and taking pics at the same time takes skill). While everyone was going ga ga and stir crazy over Lion Brand’s Cotton Ease, I opted for the cheap stuff. It was only a $1 a skein so I thought “Why the heck not?” Little did I know, it would pull at the slightest touch. Eeeeew! God help me if I had a snagged nail or dry skin. I almost felt like I had to knit it with surgical gloves on! What the heck did I expect for a buck? Nonetheless, it came out great. I’ll have to handwash it (with gloves on) and make sure that no one touches me while I’m wearing it. Crazy huh?

FYI: The project below, Sweet T #3, has been frogged so the fabulous Ruby (close up shot here) could be made.

I must enjoy getting myself into impossible missions when it comes to projects. So far, I’m knitting a baby sweater for a former co-worker, charity scarves, my hubby’s sweater that is suppose to be a secret (which I’m sure it will remain that way since he doesn’t read this blog) and Hot Lava with the Knit-A-Long group. For some reason, I seem to think that I need to have more than 4 projects going at one time. If I don’t, I’ll easily get bored with just one or two. Why is that? So far, I’ve been doing well with finishing. I’m so determined to knit down my current stash that it’s becoming obsessive. To be brutally honesty, I just want to knit it so I can make room for new and improved yarns.

As my mom would say….I need Jesus.

Work has been hectic so I haven’t had time to put together the flower swap. I think I’ll save it for the new year after things quiet down. No worries, I’ll still post my stash that I would like to share with the world by next month. Consider it a Thanksgiving special 😉

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