August 3, 2006

I must, I must, I must increase my

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STASH you perv LOL! My bust is plenty so no need there. Anywho…this seems to be the chant in the back of my head when I walk into a LYS that has luxurious yarn and whenever I get an e-mail about yarn sales, I feel a strange urge to buy. I can’t be the only one with these feelings. There’s always that justification….”at least I’m not a drug addict or an alcoholic…” Regardless, it’s become a terrible addiction. Especially when I looked at how much I’ve paid for yarn through ebay in the last 2 months….and the yarn is sitting pretty on my closet shelf. *sigh* There isn’t enough time in a life time to knit the yarn I have. So I’ve decided to sell and donate it to knitting/crochet charities. I will be posting all the goodies for sale next week so keep a look out. This is one you will not want to miss! Just a heads up…I don’t want to swap or trade because that will truly defeat the purpose of the sale. I’ll give my viewers first pickings before it’s posted on ebay.

Out of all the fancy shmancy yarn I have, I chose Sugar n Cream cotton to work on Saun’s Sweet T #3 I’m determined to get this done in the next 2 weeks so I can wear it in Florida. Think it’ll happen? Well maybe not since I’ve already ripped it down a bit.

I can’t afford to have one yo out of place! It’ll just throw off the entire design. I guess perfection can lead to insanity. At least it’ll look good when I’m done!! After this, I’ll have to start working on Christmas gifts. I’m challenging myself to really get them done a week before 12/25. Wishful thinking never hurt right? Ha!

I must give a big THANK YOU to my Postcard Swap partner Manda for the lovely purple gifts.

The Debbie Bliss Pure Silk is sooooooooooooooo yummy! It’s very nice to touch. It should be a real pleasure to knit. I think I’ll have to mix it in with the silk garden that I bought which it will compliment very nicely! She also gave me a tape measure, which I can surely use, a book to make notes of my knitting experiences and anything else, a note pad which someone at work will try to take and write on boooooo, and a little bag she made herself which will hold my notions. She also sent me a lovely card that she made herself.

She’s so crafty! There’s nothing like a nice package to come home to 😀

Off to bed…to dream about finishing my Sweet T 🙂 Good night.

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