June 17, 2006

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It all started with Lolly’s Project Spectrum site. That’s when I really started getting in the blues. The color for the month of June is blue. Here’s a little blue eye candy for ya:

I was especially excited about the Karaoke. Can’t you tell? The Malabrigo will make the cutest vest for work. Wooo hooo I love blue!

I have way too much reds and orange in my collection so now I’m going to over do it with blues. Lately, I have been going a tad bit crazy with buying yarn. I tried going on a yarn diet but it only worked for a month….the following month it seemed like every yarn shop I went to was have some kind of sale so that was the end of that. I will have to destash pretty soon so look out for sales and give aways. I have a serious collection of knitting magazines too that I will be putting up for sale. I’ll give my readers (if you all exist) first pick at the goods before posting them on ebay.

Also, I would like to give a very special thanks to my Secret Pal for sending me these great gifts.

I’m going to use the Noro for a sock pattern in Knitter’s Magazine.

Here’s what I bought from Pure Knits with the gift certificate that I won on Saun’s website.


Ok, I’ve heard from quite a few people that they are interested in a flower exchange so I will post the info next week. Until then…


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  1. she said,

    Totally loving the tops… I’m feeling you on spring garments. I recently did a top with bands of brown… love it.

    I love to blog and yes I love the comments… but it also inspires me.. when I look back on what I have done.

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