May 16, 2006

Hot Girl Knitting & Crocheting

Posted in Needlework at 10:26 pm by royalempress

For a while now I’ve been wanting to try something different and a little out of the norm. There is this fabulous site which has the cutest lingerie patterns but I was in search of something more…

And then I came across this provocative book called Sexy Little Knits and there it was…

Isn’t it lovely? It’s called the Cozy Sleeper. It kinda reminds me of the ol’ school Playboy Bunny outfits minus the tale and ears. I have a few skeins of angora waiting to be knitted. It’s definitely worth my time and effort to sit down and focus on knitting a hot piece just for me!

Now we all know that I’m not a skinny chick so there will be serious modifications to these patterns! The author, Ashley.Paige obviously didn’t think about B,C,DD cups and “junk in the trunk” and all the extra curves so I’ll have to do it for her lol!

Speaking of hot girl knitting and crocheting… I read an article in W magazine on the original hot girls (at least their ideas are), who are 60 and up.

That’s right ladies, grandma can put a few hot things together with her needles. I was in awe when I read about the European designers who employ a “far-flung network of grannies.” Look at what they can do.

I can see myself being one of these types of 60 year old knitters…daring to be different.

Anyway ladies and gents, I’m off to bed so have a great day or night.

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