April 25, 2006

Made with love

Posted in Needlework at 9:50 pm by royalempress

I must say that I have very talented friends. First, my friend in Missouri makes a beautiful sari top for me and then one of my other friends makes a felted bag and the other one made a lovely hand made card for my birthday.

There is nothing bettern than a gift especially hand made for you. The thought and the time that went into these gifts make me feel extra special!! Thanks guys *shedding a tear*.

There will be no SPT pic today. I’ve been too tired to be silly. Working 10 hour days is painful! I can’t wait until my day off! I think I’ll sleep in as long as my body tells me to.

In my next post, I’ll keep you updated on the Clapotis I’m working on. Dropping stitches is fun when it’s done on purpose lol!


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  1. Smurf said,

    That is awesome! Your friends really are talented, it is so beautiful! 😉

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