April 11, 2006

The silly, refined knitter

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SPT…It’s been a while

So the April theme is to be silly and this is my poor imitation of Cats or something. So there you have it ;D

My wonderful hunny took me to see Yo Yo Ma on Saturday. It was well worth the money. I sat in awe as I admired the way he poured his heart into his fingers as he made his cello sing. I liked how he rocked back and forth and moved his arms to the music as if he wanted to almost get up and dance. The conducter, Thomas Wilkins, was excellent. He gave a kick once in a while to the music which kept my interest. I think the Omaha Symphony is wonderful. I look forward to attending more concerts in the future! I think I’m going to knit to his music when I’m working on something mind boggling like cables or intarsia. I’ll let you know how that goes.

I signed up for SP8 simply because I can’t get enough of the suprises I get in the mail! My SP7 sent me 2 balls of Noro Kureyon (you know I like to add to my collection), a pen from the Space Needle in Seatle, WA and a mug which I will gladly use at work. THANK YOU!!

I finally broke down and decided to work on the Clapotis (Clapotee)with the knit-a-long yahoo group. So far, it looks good…wait until I drop the stitches. WOOO HOOOO! I’ll definitely keep you posted. The knew Knitty is out and I think I’m going to have to try Reid. The model is soooo cute! I know my litte one will look just as cute in it too 🙂

Off to St. Louis I go to spend the weekend with my aunt, cousin, mother and friend for my birthday. As of 4/17, I’ll be one year closer to being wiser 😀

Old age..OH JOY 😛


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  1. happy belated birthday! hope you’re feeling very wise. 🙂 love that sweater — it looks so soft. i’m going to look for that yarn.

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