March 20, 2006

First day of spring…

Posted in Needlework at 4:27 pm by royalempress

And this is what it looks like

Yes, Nebraska is having a snow called snow “storm” as I am typing this. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr! Blustering (sp) winds make it feel 10 times colder than what it is. This is a perfect day to sit and knit this (click on pic for pattern):

Isn’t it lovely? I think it has an ethnic feel to it for some reason. Maybe it’s the color way. I can’t wait until it’s finished! It may take a while since I’m in the middle of working on a O.S.W. for a friend who made this fabulous top for me

She is my inspiration to continue learning how to sew! Speaking of which, I finally got my sewing table and machine set up in my basement. All I need is a good “daylight” lamp. Any suggestions?

Until next time….Ciao!

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