February 15, 2006

And on and on

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First things first…

SP Tuesday on a Wednesday

I tend to wake up with bad migraines due to lack of sleep. Oh the pain!

Ok…on to the good stuff.

How great is my SP 6. This was from the last gift she sent me. She’s too kind to give me more Noro and a pattern book *cheese grin*, Mango Moon needles that are made out of bone. The are great! The namaste needls (made out of glass) are superb! She was gracious enough to send me one of her circular needle holder. They are so convenient and cute! Get yours at Yearn.Stuff. Thanks Kel!!!

So my V*day was nice. I made heart shaped chocolate cookies with my daughter.

We had so much fun!

Time for bed so I bid you a good night/day.



  1. Chica said,

    Best Valentine this year!

    I like your pics.

  2. Lelah said,

    Cute cookies! And what a SP! How generous! Anywho, I found your blog because I was Google-ing images of the Turtleneck Shrug, and yours came up- I’m making one now out of Kureyon. I love the colors you chose- really pretty! Anyway, nice to meet you!! Your Hawaii photos are making me have cabin fever here in chilly NJ!!

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