November 5, 2005


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When this magazine came in the mail, I couldn’t help but to stare at it and say, “Seriously?”

The concept was interesting but still…who thought to sit down and do this to a crocheted bikini??? Can you tell I didn’t care for it that much? Anyway…

Here’s my mom’s gift so far:

I loooove the colors! I’m still working on the strap. I didn’t use a pattern, I just knitted two rectangles, put a piece of canvas in between them and knit in the round (in moss stitch). Near the top, I binded off the front and continued to knit the flap. Then I crocheted two rings to the sides and started knitting the strap in the moss stitch. I bought a chinese knot closure and sewed it on to the front. Voila! I think I should start writing down what I do. You like??



  1. Kate said,

    Love the bag….. but is that actually swimwear???? WOW!!! I realy hope not to see that one on the beach this summer. Yikes…not much to it.

  2. squishybear said,

    hahaha .. though when I see the bikini my first thought is WTF????? My second thought was … if I had the body …. hummmmmmmmmm 😛

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