November 17, 2005

Never too late

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I never seem to have time to post when I would like to. I’m sure that’s due to either being sick, tired from a long day of work or simply too busy with all of the other things going on in my life (knitting being one of them). Although the SPT is on “Tuesday”, I’ve decided to post my pics anyway.

I call these shots “Seasons Change”. I don’t know what the name of this plant is but I absolutely looooove the shade of red it displays as the fall season comes in. As you can see, that didn’t last very long once the weather became blistering cold here in Nebraska 😦 I’m glad I was able to capture the bright shade of red before it withered away.

So far, I’ve shown how I can change my look and how nature changes its look. I’ll see what I can come up with next.

‘Til next time….


November 5, 2005


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When this magazine came in the mail, I couldn’t help but to stare at it and say, “Seriously?”

The concept was interesting but still…who thought to sit down and do this to a crocheted bikini??? Can you tell I didn’t care for it that much? Anyway…

Here’s my mom’s gift so far:

I loooove the colors! I’m still working on the strap. I didn’t use a pattern, I just knitted two rectangles, put a piece of canvas in between them and knit in the round (in moss stitch). Near the top, I binded off the front and continued to knit the flap. Then I crocheted two rings to the sides and started knitting the strap in the moss stitch. I bought a chinese knot closure and sewed it on to the front. Voila! I think I should start writing down what I do. You like??

November 2, 2005


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I haven’t been keeping up with the Self Portrait Tuesday’s, but I’ll see if I can start with the new project (click thumb nails to enlarge)…




Who knew I could be all these people in 30 minutes?
I’m sure I’ll find more creative characters to be by next week Tuesday 😀

I’m working on my mom’s Christmas gift. It will be don soon. I’ll post a pic of the progress later on this week.