October 28, 2005

Felted Goods

Posted in Needlework at 7:14 pm by royalempress

How did my secret pal know that I wanted to further experiment with felting?? I don’t know, but she was kind enough to send me this fabulous book:

It has a nice, big felted bag that I would love to try. I need a bag to carry my big text books around. I also like the rug. It will be a great little project for the front door of our condo. Or maybe the kitchen or bathroom. So many projects, so little time!

I haven’t been blogging much obviously since I’ve been looking for another job. I ended up staying at my current company but now I work in the tech department. I love how my new co-workers go from tech nerds to tech savvy chic. I’m learning so much that I feel smarter by the minute lol!

I’m off to have a good weekend. I hope you do the same!!

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