October 4, 2005

Knittin’ Pretty

Posted in Needlework at 11:35 pm by royalempress

SP Tuesday

Of course I have clothes on! I was wearing shorts since it was in the 80’s. Look at you! Thinking I was one of those naked knitters….hmmmm that may not be a bad idea. Then again, who would want a gift that’s been on someone else’s naked body. Unless you’re into that sort of thing. LOL! Anyway…

I’ve been knitting and job hunting and knitting some more. I’m currently in search of patterns for seat covers. I have to bar stools in my kitchen that my wonderful daughter managed to get dirty. They’re too the point where they need to be covored with something that’s washable. I thought about knitting covers or ever sewing something. If you know of any ideas, please let me know.

Ok, it’s time for bed. I’m beat! Good night!

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