September 21, 2005

Calgon..take me away!

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Eyes are the keys to the soul.

Today is a day when I NEED to knit. Not a want, but a need! It’s like that little pill you search for when you have a bad headache and the stress becomes unbearable. Today, I realized that I do not want to make a career as a stock broker, so I’m not motivated to study for the series 7 (and my practice test scores reflect my feelings). I’m sure this comes a disappointed to some, but who cares! It’s all about what makes me fell fulfilled after a hard day’s work. Yes money makes the world go round, but it doesn’t make you spiritually happy. I’m sure if everyone had the chance to make a career out of what they love, they’d do it. Right? I would love to be a recruiter and help people find jobs or run my own yarn/book store. Those are my goals. Everything else is irrelevant. I know, I know, this is getting deep. Anyway… that’s why I need to knit. It’s the one thing I do and get lost in it. It helps me to momentarily forget about what is going on (a glass of Baileys and milk wouldn’t hurt too). I digress for now.

I have a few things I’m working on. When I’m out of my funk, I’ll share the goods.

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