August 7, 2005

Time for me

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I’ve decided that all this knitting for other people is so nice and great, but I’m in need of a cute top or skirt…maybe even a pair of knitted pants! I made the OSW (see pics below) and that was quick and painless but I need to find a project for the fall. Any suggestions??

I would love to make a top from the book Queen*T sent me:

I think I’m going to give the third one a try.
If only I could read japanese patterns! *sigh* I came across a site that kinda helps but it’s the time I have to put in to translate that’s killing me right now. Speaking of Queen T, look at what else she sent me from J:

Thanks T!!!

I’ve beem thinking about making myself another felted bag but more like a tote. I have waaaaay too many bags as it is, but a handmade bag is special 😀 Look at the yarn I bought to line my next bag:

I absolutely loooooove the colors! I even thought about making a top instead with the second one. I’m not sure yet. I also purchased handmade knitting needles. I have a serious obsession with crowns.

Sorry the picture isn’t clear. Aren’t they cute??

I’m still working on baby items. I have to add my sister now so that’s item # 8. Oh man, are my fingers tired, but yet, I keep going. This is what I’ve been working on for myself (click for instructions):

I’m going to make it a little longer with splits on the side so I can wear it over a button down shirt to work. I’m not big on exposing my stomache unless I’m at the beach. Anyway….

Next post I hope to have a few progress pics for you. I’m sure I’ll have something done soon. It’s hard to study for my broker’s license and knit, but I’ll damn sure try!

I’m liquidating my stash. I’m selling a lot of goodies for great prices. Have a look, tell a friend!!
Feel free to e-mail me with questions.


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  1. Anonymous said,

    what great stuff! love that book!

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