July 13, 2005

1 OSW down…

Posted in Needlework at 6:30 pm by royalempress

and damn near 100 more to go…if it was up to everyone who saw it LOL! Look how purrrrdy (click thumb nail/picture to enlarge)…..

I had to go for a two tone look since one color gets boring at times for me. I’m so thrilled, I think I’ll make more! This one was an expirment done in Caron’s Simply Soft (what a cheap yarn). I usually don’t make garments out of it, but I wanted to give it a try in 2 colors and tada

a One Skein Wonder was born!

NOTE: I used a garter stich instead of a seed/moss stich for the sleeves. It was kinda an accident but still good 😀

Ok, back to knitting for babies. Toodles~

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