June 15, 2005

Dear Kureyon…

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I love you

Ok…so I admitt to having a pretty bad addiction for Noro Kureyon. I mean, have you seen the stuff? Have you seen it knit up? It’s just beautiful. I have a tendency to buy it whenever I can get my hands on it during a sale. As you can see, my stash is becoming a wee bit out of control. I don’t think I want to get help for my “problem” (shhhh don’t tell my husband lol). I guess this picture will explain my sad obsession:

Is that sad or what? Does anyone know of cool Kureyon patterns? Please let me know! I love the fact that I can turn that to this:

in no time! Ok, ok. I’m done with the Noro babble. On to other things….

Special thanks to my Pinku flower swap partner. Check it out.

Isn’t it purrrrdy? I absolutely love it. It is a pin that doubles as a hair piece. Thanks!!!

Treo Pics

I absolutely loooove the last one. That day was perfect. My family and I were on our way upstate NY to go shopping. There’s nothing like being with family on a beautiful day!

More on knitting news next time.



  1. jana said,

    i love that yarn too!, i was just admiring it on the weekend at my lys. may i ask where the pattern for the great little purse is from and is it crocheted? i love it!

  2. Tom said,

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