January 30, 2005


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I was inspired by Prism’s WILD STUFF to make a unique scarf of my own. Here’s what it looks like so far:


I absolutely looooove prism’s “stuff” yarn, but the price makes me think twice. Since I have a lovely collection of novelty yarns, I decided to put together a few pink/fuchsia and pink multi yarns together and TADA, I came up with a scarf I’d like to call “Diva-esque”. So far, it consist of Brown Sheep’s Lamb’s Pride worsted weight, Trendsetter’s Dune & Aura, Lion Brand’s Wool Ease and Crystal Palace’s Fling. I just may have to put a pattern together for it. I’ll keep you posted on that one.

I can’t believe I missed Secret Knitting Pal 4!! I e-mailed the host in hopes of getting in at last minute. *Keep your finger’s crossed. Until next time…


January 18, 2005

Isn’t she lovely?

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The cutest gift came in the mail today πŸ˜€ It was this ab.fab scarf from K*:

Thanks!!! It is so soft and bright…it fits my personality πŸ˜‰

I’ve caught back to back yarn sales this month. So you know what that means right? I’m a cheater. I said I wouldn’t buy yarn for the new year, but that was a lie *sob*. I bought some of the most beautiful glitzy yarn, a few wools and a few more skeins of Rowan’s Ribbon Twist in “Racy”. My pal from SKIII is to blame for that. She sent me 3 skeins and the pattern book for the yarn. I had to have the sweater which requires skeins 7 in total. *Sigh* my addiction scares me sometimes. Anyway…

I have so many projects I would like to start on. I’m starting to get overwhelmed. I have to sit down and make a list of what’s top priority at the moment. Naturally that puts everything for me on hold. I have a baby blanket and/or outfit to make for my cousin, leg warmers for my step daughter and 2 scarves for 2 other cousins, and the list goes on. When I figure out where to start, which will be soon, I’ll post the beginning of the project(s).

Until then, *toodles* πŸ˜€

January 10, 2005

It’s official

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Beware, I’m going to get mushy in this post πŸ˜€

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I can recall a few years back when I would ask God to send someone that would be everything a lady could ask for an lo’ and behold, he sent my “Hunny“. Yes, there are days when we have out differences, but there are also days when I feel as though I’ve been given more than what I’ve asked for. And for that, I’m eternally grateful to Him. He’s sent me a man who is mature (most of the time), responsible, loving, admirable, intelligent and the list continues to grow the more I get to know him.

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It’s official as of 12/04, we’ve decided to take it to the next step and get married *cheese grin*. I’m too thrilled about spending my life with him. Since my love for him is never ending, it feels only natural to want to marry him. We’ve decided to have a small intimate wedding and dinner. As for the honeymoon, I’m personally aiming for either Europe or Hawaii. Honestly, anywhere is fine as long as we’re together celebrating the start of something new.

I’ll be sure to post pics of the memorable occasion. Until then, happy knitting!