October 6, 2004

Short & Sweet

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First, I must say that I looooooooove the way my future step daughter looks in this sugar-n-cream knitted skirt.

She is the most beautiful model a knitter could ask for 😀

On to knitting….I was on the world famous ebay the other day and came across this beauty:

I absolutely love anything by Noro. Kajuku is just stunning. Have a closer look at what I’m making:

That is the start to the “Turtleneck Shrug” pattern in Scarf Style. It’s a great book! I absolutely love the colors. Everyone at my job keeps asking me “what are you making?” They try to visualize what I’ve explained. It’s to the point now where I have to take a pic of the pattern to work with me. It’s basically a turtleneck with sleeves and no body. It’s worn over a shirt (you can see the body of the shirt and the neck and arms are covered by the knitted piece). I’ll take a pic once it’s done.

I have to keep this one short and sweet since the wonderful man of my life is waiting for me to get some shut eye. I’ll try to post again very soon. I promise!



  1. Lynette said,

    Your step-daughter looks great in her skirt. Where’d you get the pattern? I’m also going to make the Turtleneck shrug for my teenage girls. That’s a great book, isn’t it?

  2. Brit said,

    OOOO you mean a turtleneck shrug like Erykah Badu rocks from time to time?!? I think I need to go buy that book. And you’re right Noro makes beautiful yarns!

    That skirt on your step daughter is really cute 🙂

  3. Carole said,

    Oooh, do you have a pattern for the skirt or did you just wing it? Do you do eyelets at the top, or sew in elastic? I must must must make one for my daughter!!

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