August 7, 2004

At its finest

Posted in Needlework at 11:21 pm by royalempress

Although there are many knitters who are opposed to crocheting, the fact remains that it’s here to stay. Check out these wonderful patterns:

I don’t think these patterns are for sale, but you can see more at Josi Hannon Madera Designs. There are 3 patterns currently for sale (not the 3 posted). She’s very talented. Check her out!

I’m in the middle of trying to figure out what to make for a co-worker who’s leaving the job in 4 days. I thought of making a little crocheted purse or even a poncho. It may be too hot for a poncho in Cairo, Egypt (that’s where she’s moving to). I’ll have to figure it out ASAP so I can get cracking. Any suggestions?

Special Thanks goes to Nashiekah for the fab dishcloth! I think I’m going to purchase that color now 😀



  1. nashekah said,

    those are sooooo nice ..are you making one ? the skirt is darling ..and I think it is great to knit and crochet ..i am very rusty on the crochet , but I feel it is like driving stick and can never know too much ..
    So happy knitting & crocheting …and I am looking forward to getting the mail this week , can’t wait to recieve the face cloth ..Glad you like what i sent ..and yes ,I do want to make scarves , have the scarf i am making for you already picked out …and the discloth exchange sounds fun too , i’d love to help !!!!!

  2. Josi said,

    Thank you so much… I’m blushing from the flattery!!

    I am so curious that I have to ask — what is the bias that knitters have against crochet (please be straight, too, ‘cuz I’ve been trying to figure it out). I know that my bias against knitting is mostly because I need to be able to drop my project and jump up, and I’ve destroyed many a project by dropping loops.

  3. nelson said,


    Thank you Thank you. As a crocheter first and then a knitter this site is great. I know a lot people think the crochet is dead, but it not going anywhere.

  4. Carolyn said,

    Just discovered your blog. I also am picking up my hooks after a hiatus, and am somewhat mystified at the outright hostility offered by some knitters. Check out IWK’s Crochet issue. Nice!

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