August 7, 2004

At its finest

Posted in Needlework at 11:21 pm by royalempress

Although there are many knitters who are opposed to crocheting, the fact remains that it’s here to stay. Check out these wonderful patterns:

I don’t think these patterns are for sale, but you can see more at Josi Hannon Madera Designs. There are 3 patterns currently for sale (not the 3 posted). She’s very talented. Check her out!

I’m in the middle of trying to figure out what to make for a co-worker who’s leaving the job in 4 days. I thought of making a little crocheted purse or even a poncho. It may be too hot for a poncho in Cairo, Egypt (that’s where she’s moving to). I’ll have to figure it out ASAP so I can get cracking. Any suggestions?

Special Thanks goes to Nashiekah for the fab dishcloth! I think I’m going to purchase that color now 😀


August 1, 2004

On & On

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I’ve managed to complete two painless projects and I’ve decided to complete “the others.” I call unfinished projects “the others” because they sit amongst my stash waiting to be completed. There is no rhyme or reason why they are there except for pure laziness. I have one sleeve to finish on my Grignasco sweater and there’s my wonderful granny sq blanket which needs a few finishing touches. There are also a few frogged projects that need to be ripped down but I’ll get to that another time. On to my latest projects…

This beauty is the flower poncho that I’ve been working on with Vera’s CAL.

As you can see, my step daughter is wearing it because it was too small for me. I refused to rip it since she expressed her love for the color. It’s now hers lol! I’m going to start a second one for myself so we can model them when we go out together. Isn’t she cute in it?
This is my felted noro bag which I absolutely love.
clickable images
I bought more Noro Kureyon to make a second bag from my favorite lys, String of Purls (website is currently under construction).
I’ve also completed Nasheikah’s flower washcloth made from Skacel Stohl’s Bandolino cotton which is discontinued *sob*. The pattern is from Weekend Knitting. It’s easy and can be done in hours.

I hope she likes it! The pattern originally calls for chenille but since I didn’t have any, I used Bandolino instead. Now that one of my wonderful swap partners from the crochetville yarn swap, Rebecca, has sent me chenille that is so soft and pretty, I will be sure to make more flower washcloths.
I hope the other partners like the yarn that I’ve sent them!!!

Ok, it’s time for bed. I will try my best to blog more so you can see my wips and read about how badly my yarn diet is going LOL! ‘Til next time….