July 1, 2004

SEXY Knitting

Posted in Needlework at 1:59 am by royalempress

I was reading on Pinku’s blog that Knitty has a new issue. As soon as I saw , I knew what my next project would be after I finish my ponchos.

I can already see it in a hot red or “come to me” pink 😉 I think Lolita will go well with Betty and maybe they’ll even stop traffic LOL!

I think Hush Hush would be great to wear on my honeymoon with 302 Calories underneath *giggles*.

I must say I was tickled pink when I saw these patterns. I’m now booked with the many patterns I would like to complete before the end of the year thanks to Knitty. What a wonderful online magazine. If you’re a sexy knitter like me, you’ll love this issue. Check it out!!



  1. empress said,

    I wish I had 12 hands…I’d like to do other things while knitting 😉

  2. Karla said,

    Knitty is ridiculous! This is something else I’ll have to progress towards.I wish my knitting skills were more advanced because this is too cute! I’m still working on my knit and purl.

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