June 23, 2004

So far…so good

Posted in Needlework at 3:11 pm by royalempress

Well, maybe not soooo good. I started the flower poncho (see previous blog entry) ahead of time to a) get a feel for the pattern and to see if it would work with the Caron Soft Brites! and b) give a loooooong overdue gift for my talented friend Isa who I miss dearly. So here I am so far:

I absolutely love the bright red/pink, but the shoulders on me are a little snug. I am off when it comes to the guage so of course that’s part of the problem. Doubling the yarn would make it too chunky and using a larger hook (I’m using an “I” hook now) would make it too holey (sp). Hopefully Isa will fit better into it since she’s a little skinnier than I am. I will start the next one with Vera’s CAL group on July 1st with a different yarn. Wish me luck with the next one!!!

Side note:
I must give much respect to this blogger for making a strong statement about the way today’s generation of knitters think vs. the old school knitters. Check it out!


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  1. margene said,

    Thanks for the comment on my post. It really struck a cord with many knitters. Go grrls you are all great!! Love your crochet ponchos!

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