June 1, 2004

To NYC with love

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I went to NYC last weekend for my graduation (BA). I really miss the stores and the ability to go a great distance on the train so I can knit or read (can’t do that while driving in Nebraska obviously). I went to smiley’s yarn to pick up a few items and ended up spending $63. Since I promised myself that after May 31st, I’m officially on a one year yarn diet, I didn’t mind spending the cash…kinda. They have pretty good deals on yarns that aren’t commonly found in lys. I really miss NY’s diversity and open minded-ness. The people in Omaha, NE are open but not to the extent of NY’ers. I took a few pictures of random things in NY that I will post shortly. I also had the chance to meet up with friends from myspace. Kim was just as cool as I thought as well as Greg! We went out to eat at a dinner that served penne pasta w/ vodka tomato sauce. It was yummy! Afterwards, we went to a “beauty salon” that doubled as a bar. There was a manicurist on the premisis at 12am. Only in NY! I look forward to hanging out with them again during my next visit!

Special thanks to Evelyn D. for being a great secret knitting pal. I’m glad there are still kind strangers like you in the world 😀 Since she doesn’t have a blog, I have invited her to move into my little home on the web. I hope she accepts the offer! I would also like to thank Vera for being a wonderful recipient! I hope we can all stay in touch!

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