June 23, 2004

So far…so good

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Well, maybe not soooo good. I started the flower poncho (see previous blog entry) ahead of time to a) get a feel for the pattern and to see if it would work with the Caron Soft Brites! and b) give a loooooong overdue gift for my talented friend Isa who I miss dearly. So here I am so far:

I absolutely love the bright red/pink, but the shoulders on me are a little snug. I am off when it comes to the guage so of course that’s part of the problem. Doubling the yarn would make it too chunky and using a larger hook (I’m using an “I” hook now) would make it too holey (sp). Hopefully Isa will fit better into it since she’s a little skinnier than I am. I will start the next one with Vera’s CAL group on July 1st with a different yarn. Wish me luck with the next one!!!

Side note:
I must give much respect to this blogger for making a strong statement about the way today’s generation of knitters think vs. the old school knitters. Check it out!


June 7, 2004

Eternal Flame

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I joined a knit-a-long (yahoo) group earlier this year, but simply didn’t have the time to actually knit with the group. I’ve decided to dedicate the few precious minutes I have to spare in a day to knit this beautiful shawl with them (click on image for pattern):

How beautiful is that??? This pattern calls for Lamb’s Pride Bulky. I have of Lamb’s Pride worsted but not bulky but it’ll have to do! Vera wants to start a CAL (crochet-a-long) making this (click on image for pattern):

I wonder if I can really be disciplined enough to dedicate 1-2hrs a day to making both of these . Hmmmm……

Although I said as of June 1st I am on a yarn diet, I conveniently broke down in Super Wal-Mart and bought these beauties:

Caron’s Simply Soft Brites!
I’m not the biggest fan of acrylic, but I absolutely love the colors! At $1.88 per skein, I decided to go for broke as you can see. I’ve been contemplating if I should by more inspite of my one year yarn diet (what does it matter since I’ve already cheated once). Regardless of the beautiful colors and great price, I have to refrain from breaking down again, and again and again. My aunt, who is a novice quilter, made a valid point yesterday. She told me that people who are “collectors” tend to simply buy more of and collect instead of finding the time to actually make use of the goods and patterns that they collect. Some days I feel like I’m more of a collector of yarn and patterns instead of an actual knitter/crocheter. I think this yarn diet is definitely needed. Pretty soon, I’ll have to sell some of my yarn. Anyone interested? I’ll post pics of what will be for sale shortly.

Big thanks to Evelyn, my former secret knitting pal for this lovely gift:

(click image to enlarge)
She always manages to send me things that I think about getting but never get around to actually buying (Burt’s Bee’s Wax lip balm). I will be sure to keep in touch with her! Thanks again!!!

June 1, 2004

To NYC with love

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I went to NYC last weekend for my graduation (BA). I really miss the stores and the ability to go a great distance on the train so I can knit or read (can’t do that while driving in Nebraska obviously). I went to smiley’s yarn to pick up a few items and ended up spending $63. Since I promised myself that after May 31st, I’m officially on a one year yarn diet, I didn’t mind spending the cash…kinda. They have pretty good deals on yarns that aren’t commonly found in lys. I really miss NY’s diversity and open minded-ness. The people in Omaha, NE are open but not to the extent of NY’ers. I took a few pictures of random things in NY that I will post shortly. I also had the chance to meet up with friends from myspace. Kim was just as cool as I thought as well as Greg! We went out to eat at a dinner that served penne pasta w/ vodka tomato sauce. It was yummy! Afterwards, we went to a “beauty salon” that doubled as a bar. There was a manicurist on the premisis at 12am. Only in NY! I look forward to hanging out with them again during my next visit!

Special thanks to Evelyn D. for being a great secret knitting pal. I’m glad there are still kind strangers like you in the world 😀 Since she doesn’t have a blog, I have invited her to move into my little home on the web. I hope she accepts the offer! I would also like to thank Vera for being a wonderful recipient! I hope we can all stay in touch!