May 19, 2004

My love

Posted in Needlework at 8:18 pm by royalempress

If you didn’t know by know, I love to be crafty. Lately the craft of choice has been knit or crochet. One day I’ll be brave enough to quilt. For know, I’ll let my fingers weave the material. I’ve decided by the end of this summer, I will begin my wedding blanket. This blanket will be a wedding gift to my future husband next year *cheese grin*. To show him how much I love, care and cherish him, I’ve decided to wrap him in a token of my love. This blanket will be priceless once it’s made which means the materials used must be lovingly soft.

I know many of you have encountered wonderful yarns during the time you’ve been knitting or crocheting. Does anyone have suggestions as to what I should use? How about a pattern? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance!

FYI: My poncho is coming along nicely! I’ve decided not to add black since the colors are light blue, light green, orange, and yellow. It’s kinda pastely (new word for ya lol). I’m not a big fan when it comes to pastels but so far, I like it! A pic will be posted shortly. As for the peach-n-pink poncho, there is a hold on this project since the TLC Lustre I ordered does not appear or feel like the same material I was using. I am VERY disappointed especially because the seller did not respond to my e-mail in regards to this matter. I’m going to send her a second e-mail. If I do not get a response, then I will not do business with her again farless recommend her to anyone else. I would really hate to do that! I’ll keep y’all posted.


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  1. Vickie Wright said,

    Hello RE!

    I viewed your pics and am fascinated by the hats you crochet!

    I am married to a wonderful Jamaican man and have been crocheting hats and things for family members. I would love to have some of your patterns? Is it considered bad protocol to ask you to share your patterns?

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