May 8, 2004

Today was a good day

Posted in Needlework at 11:27 pm by royalempress

Today I went to the yarn store that my manager told me about. I was in awe when I saw how big it was and the amount of wonderful yarn they had in stock. The store is only 6 months old, and it already has recognition in Omaha. The employees/owners are very nice and helpful. The plush couches and tv also make it very cozy. I think I’ve finally found a place to sit and knit. I’m thrilled about that! I checked out a few other places but they’re not as knitter friendly when it comes to just relaxing and knitting after buying their yarn. I’m very pleased with String of Purls. I will post their website when it’s up and running. I must pass on the good word!

Aside from being totally happy about my lys, I ate bbq’ed food for the first time in quite a while. My hunny did a wonderful job *applause* at making shishkebobs (sp) or “bobs” as my hunny’s friend’s wife calls them. We ate and talked and laughed and then everyone went home. It was a nice relaxing evening. The weather here was in the mid 80’s; perfect for bbq’ing. I look forward to the summer. As long as I have a bottle of water and a cool breeze, I’m A-OK!

FYI: My comments are now working so I’m back in business. Feel free to leave a good word 😀

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