May 3, 2004

And another one

Posted in Needlework at 8:23 pm by royalempress

Thanks secret pal for adding more chocolate to my life. There’s nothing like knitting or crocheting and eating chocolate at the same time. It definitly keeps me going! And thanks for the note cards and the jewel magnets. I will use them on my refridgerator to make it look spiffy 😀

Today was an interesting one. I ran all my errands and enjoyed the pleasures of a wonderful pedicure that was cheaper than I thought! My pedicurist did such a wonderful job that I had to tip him well. I also found a hobby/craft store next to Target. I didn’t have enough time to go in but I will be sure to do so pretty soon. I called my manager today to ask if I can work extra hours this week and she approved. She also told me about a new yarn store that opened not too far from my house. How nice was that! She’s pretty cool so far 🙂 Although I’ve been feeling up and down today, I must say that it has been an ok day thus far. It’s not over yet so we’ll see what happens. For now, I’m going to finish my peach-n-pink poncho since the yarn from Ms. Gwynn at the Individual Crochet Afghan Nest has arrived (*waves* Thanks!). Hopefully next time I’ll have pics for ya.

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