May 2, 2004

The Chase

Posted in Needlework at 11:57 pm by royalempress

Ok, I’ve been on a wild hunt searching for Coats & Clark’s TLC Lustre in Fuchsia. Then I find out that it’s a discontinued color. AAAAARRRRGGGHHH!! Just my luck! I need at least 2 more skeins to finish crocheting my “peach-n-pink” that I started about a month ago now. I sent out an e-mail to NYC’s Stitch n Bitch members. Luckily one very nice lady sent me one of her skeins all the way from NYC to Omaha (Nebraska). Then I found another wonderful site, Individual Crochet Afghan Nest, that has 10 skeins of Fuchsia. What a life saver Elaine (the owner) is! I’ll start knitting anonther poncho with Regia’s Cotton Color until the TLC Lustre gets here. I was starting to get a little worried. I was even starting to panic that I won’t be able to finish crocheting my poncho. But lo and behold, the net saved me once again!!! After this, I’m going start a yarn diet. It’s official as of June 1st. This means I have to work extra hours and buy as much as possible to add to the stash since I won’t be buying for 6 months. That’s right, you heard me 6 months. My hunny will be proud of me if I can actually do it LOL! First, I have to get a pair of these colorful needles from ebay. The colors are so purrrrrrrrrrdy!!! They will help to inspire me as I knit 🙂

BTW: I’m having problems uploading pics. When I figure out how to get my photo gallery to work for me, I will show you many pretty things 😀 Until then….

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