April 18, 2004

26 going on 62

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Today I’m one year older and stilling looking good 😀 Some days I feel like an old lady, but I maintain. I received many phone calls that made me feel loved. My parents sent me a very heartfelt card; I had to hold back the tears. My job sent me a card as well. That was very considerate of them! I also received a very nice gift from my secret knitting pal who probably didn’t know it was my birthday. She sent me a writing pad that’s shaped like the letter “F” for my real name, mentos fruit candy which I love and a bag of embroidered labels that says “From the Knitting Needles of (my real name here).” How did she know that I wanted labels??? And the package arrived on the day of my birthday! How cool is that?? I was too thrilled about the labels. I have so many things to sew them on to 😀 Thanks secret knitting pal! You’re the coolest!”

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I didn’t do much for my b*day. I got a pedicure because I was in desperate need of one, went shopping which always makes me feel good and then I went to the symphony orchestra with my hunny. That was a really nice gift! I must say, today was pretty good. I feel like I’m getting too old for parties. What’s happening to me?? I’m just glad to see another year! As of 4/17, I only have 4 years to save for my trip to Tokyo, Japan for my 30th b*day. I should be almost fluent in japanese by then God wiling. Wish me luck!

I went to Super Wal-Mart today and fell in love with the prices of their yarn. Ok, so it’s only Redheart, but it’s baby soft and it’s so silky smooth. I bought aqua blue and green. I’m determined to make a shawl or something out of it. So far, I’ve done quite a few rows in my pink-n-peach poncho (say that fast 3 times). I’m crocheting a poncho using Coats & Clark’s TLC Lustre doubled with a strand of metallic gold (pics will be posted shortly). I had to go on a wild goose chase for more of the Fuchsia. Luckily I found someone miles away who was nice enough to mail me the last ball she had of it (it’s discontinued), for a small fee of course. Nonetheless, she’s a life saver. Thanks!!!

Well, I’m off to bed. I have more errands to run in the morning. Take care!

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