March 28, 2004

Easy Knitting

Posted in Needlework at 4:15 pm by royalempress

Thanks secret pal, for sending me the Spring/Summer ’04 edition of FC’s Easy Knitting. It has wonderful and fairly easy patterns. The crochet patterns help too since I’m two steps away from starting my next bathing suit. The chocolate you sent was an added plus too….the caffeine will keep me up long enough to knit or crochet a few extra rows *cheese grin*. Thanks again!

My hunny left for a week for training in California. As soon as he stepped out of the car at the airport, I was missing him. How mushy is that *blah*! Since I don’t have anyone to joke, play fight, or disagree with, I’ll just find some project to complete. I start a new job tomorrow and I’m excited about that. I just wish my hunny would be here to share dinner with me. Oh man, what a sorry sap I’ve turned into. I think I need to focus my energy on reading on knitting. Maybe I wouldn’t miss him so much *sigh*.

Well, I’m off to figure out what I’m going to give my knitting pal next. I hope she’s enjoying her gifts so far 😀 Later…..

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